Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Crow Screen Print by Matt Ryan Tobin x Mondo

The Crow Movie Poster Screen Print by Matt Ryan Tobin x Mondo

The Blot has been drooling over Matt Ryan Tobin’s new movie poster for The Crow ever since Mondo announced it yesterday!  Somehow this is Mondo’s first ever print for the iconic 1994 film and Tobin killed it with his unique take on Brandon Lee’s Eric Draven.  As Mondo explained, “We are truly excited to finally be able to create a poster for this one. Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding both the production and James O’Barr’s original comic series that inspired it, The Crow is a landmark achievement of what comic book movies were capable of when it was released in 1994.”

“What can be said about The Crow and the late, great Brandon Lee that hasn't already been said? I'm not sure I could find existing words that can describe just how impactful this film is. The best way I can pay tribute to a film and person like this is to try to capture their spirit through illustration, honoring a film and character just as gripping and poignant today as they were 26 years ago.” – Matt Ryan Tobin

The Crow by Matt Ryan Tobin is a 24”x36” hand numbered screen print.  The Regular Edition is limited to 225 pieces and will retail for $55, while the Variant is limited to 125 pieces and will retail for $75.  Both versions will go on sale at 11am today, Thursday, October 8th, at via The Drop.

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