Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Super7 Drops a Surprise Collection of new Japanese Vinyl Figures!

Green Mummy Gator, Dark Blue Rose Vampire & Clear Purple Honoo by Super7

To celebrate Friday the 13th, Super7 surprised us a all with a huge crop of new sofubi!  The Blot’s a diehard fan of Super7’s soft Japanese vinyl figures, and it was great to see so many old classics back and better than ever.  This new wave of figures includes the mascot size green Mummy Gator 6” vinyl figure ($65), and two Monster Family 4” classics – Honoo (Clear Purple) by Leecifer and Rose Vampire (Dark Blue) by Josh Herbolsheimer – each retailing for $35.

Green Foster, Pie Guy & Milton Vinyl Figures by Super7

But that’s not all!  Super7 has also brought back their deliciously mischievous Kandy Kaiju 3” figures!  Check out these new green colorways of the melting ice cream cone Milton, the ice cream sandwich Foster and the slice of yummy goodness Pie Guy. Each of these pocket size figures retails for $25.  Collectors can purchase all 6 figures now at Super7.com.

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