Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Lost Austin “I Love Video” Screen Print by Tim Doyle

Lost Austin “I Love Video” Screen Print by Tim Doyle

The newest print in Tim Doyle’s ongoing Lost Austin print series is now available exclusively at Parts and Labour, a great local Austin, Texas business that supports the Austin artist community.  As Tim explained, “There’s few storefronts that still resonate ‘old Austin’ to me quite like the I Luv Video on Airport Blvd did. The murals, the sign, the building – all completely incongruous and unique in the rapidly evolving Austin retail market. I Luv’s very existence, a video store in a streaming-video world…it’s like finding an unused ’57 Chevy in a barn out in the sticks. “How is this still here and how is it so perfect?” But Covid and real estate has claimed another victim, and I knew I couldn’t let this business go by unlamented. I’m releasing this print through another local Austin business that has survived despite the challenges – Parts and Labour.”

“Parts and Labour is the unsung linchpin of the working Austin artist community. Literally 100’s of artists in Austin can pay their bills, continue their craft, because of Parts and Labour. If P&L ever goes away, expect to see a mass exodus of talent and charm and general weirdness from Austin. So here’s to I Luv Video, and here’s to Parts and Labour. Keep Austin Weird, and this year – shop local, because without local businesses, Austin will be as culturally empty as a foreclosed Blockbuster Video.” – Tim Doyle

Lost Austin “I Love Video” by Tim Doyle is a 16”x20” signed and numbered screen print. The first edition is limited to 150 pieces and can be purchased exclusively at partsandlabourstore.myshopify.com for $35.

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