Friday, January 29, 2021

Earplugs Screen Print Series by Pierce Brosnan x Seasons

Earplugs Screen Print Series by Pierce Brosnan

Here’s a really interesting release: action Pierce Brosnan has teamed up with Seasons to release this Earplugs Screen Print Series.  Sold only as a four print set, it comes presented in a beautiful linen bound folio, with a Certificate of Authenticity and photograph of the artist.  As the acclaimed actor explained, “I painted Earplugs at Leavesdon Studios in England in 1995. I was filming my first James Bond movie Goldeneye.” 

“When shooting action sequences, the prop master would hand out packets of earplugs, on the back was an illustration of “how to” put them in your ear. I found the infographic to be intriguing, amusing and engaging. I wanted to see if the composition would work as a painting. I had long admired Roy Lichtenstein’s ability to organize a graphic element into a painting and amplify the mundane into a bedazzling image.” – Pierce Brosnan

Earplugs by Pierce Brosnan includes four 28”x28” signed and numbered 11 color screen prints on Rising museum board.  Limited to only 100 sets, with 10 artist proofs, Earplugs will be sold in three tiers: Tier 1 (the first 33 prints) will retail for $3,500, Tier 2 (the next 33 prints) will retail for $4,200, and Tier 3 (the last 34 prints) will retail for $5,000 at  So the earlier you make your purchase the cheaper the set will be!

But that’s not all!  Brosnan states, “There has always been a philanthropic component to my art practice. Thus, I have decided to donate a portion of the sales of ‘Earplugs’ to “A Sense of Home” to help aid in creating homes for youth who have aged out of foster care.”
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