Friday, September 10, 2021

“Euphoria" Screen Print by Buff Monster

“Euphoria Screen Print by Buff Monster

Today, Buff Monster is trying a little experiment.  He’s releasing his cool new artwork “Euphoria” in three different formats all at the same time! “Euphoria” will be available as a painting, an NFT and a screen print with 2 different colorways. They are three unique and totally independent pieces and hopefully there’s something for everyone!

“Euphoria" by Buff Monster is an 18”x24” signed and numbered screen print. The Black Edition is limited to 55 pieces and the Pink Edition is limited to 30 pieces. Each print is $120 and will go on sale at 11am ET today, Friday, September 10th, at The painting and NFTs will also drop at the same time but will be available via auction at either or

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