Wednesday, November 9, 2022

DCon 2022 Exclusive “Moving Parts 001” Polystone Sculpture by Louis De Guzman

Designer Con 2022 Exclusive “Moving Parts 001” Polystone Sculpture by Louis De Guzman

Louis De Guzman will be at Designer Con 2022 next weekend where he will be debuting the third installment in his In Between The Lines series – “Moving Parts 001”! It is a multi-functional sculpture work that is an incense chamber as well as flower vase that can operate simultaneously. This new piece is not only an exercise of his own original design, but also an experimental project to incorporate functionality into his visual work. 

Designer Con 2022 Exclusive “Moving Parts 001” Polystone Sculpture by Louis De Guzman

It acts as a sculptural center piece with engineered accents to allow the simultaneous usage of fire and water. Louis’ intention is to grasp the depicted moods and disruptive elements that surrounds the unison of the vase, all while housing the interaction component. Each sculpture piece allows the personal preference of floral arrangements and environmental scents to be curated to one’s own liking. Making each sculpture unique in their own way to move and live within one’s own environment.

Standing 14” tall, the sculpture showcases a still image of geometric shards swarming a flower vase that appears to float within a set of hands. Within the vase itself there are two separate chambers that allow for an incense cone to be lit and placed in the lower chamber while live flowers can be displayed in the upper chamber simultaneously. The sculpture can live on its own without the use of incense or without flowers however the two elements allow the collector to take control of their environment through the medium of this piece of art. The piece will be available in two monochromatic colors, Cement and Onyx, in order to allow the collector to manipulate the artwork based on the floral arrangement or scent they choose. 

“Moving Parts 001” was developed in collaboration with The Curative Co. and will be released initially on Saturday, November 19th, at Designer Con 2022 in Anaheim next weekend. An online release will follow on Limited to just 500 pieces per colorway, “Moving Parts 001” will retail for $875. Included with each sculpture is a sample of a signature scent of incense developed by Louis de Guzman, also entitled “Moving Parts 001”.  The scent includes notes of Orange Flower, Star Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Peruvian Leather and Palo Santo.

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