Monday, October 30, 2023

Halloween 2023 Spark Resin Figures by Leecifer

Halloween 2023 Spark Resin Figures by Leecifer

Over the weekend, Leecifer released four epic new Halloween colorways of his adorable Spark resin figures. Check out the blood splattered Jason Spark, the glow in the dark Specteral Spark, the crystal clear Spirit Spark and the glittery translucent All Hallows Spark. All four 2.5” hand cast resin figures went on sale on Saturday, October 28th, exclusively at and promptly sold out!

The 2023 GID Specteral Spark ($75) features a striking double pour with a glow in the dark blue and green textured skull covered in a fluorescent blue rub.

The 2023 GID Jason Spark ($55) features a glow in the dark resin body with fluorescent red mouth and eyes and fluorescent red splatter all over.

The 2023 Clear Spirit Spark ($55) was cast in beautiful crystal clear transparent resin.

The All Hallows 2023 Spark ($55) features a transparent clear body with silver, copper and black micro glitter. The figure was then finished with a fluorescent orange mouth and eyes.

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