Friday, January 25, 2008

Mighty Muggs - Welcome To The Trendy Side Of The Force

Ok, don’t blame me for the cheesy title of this post, blame Hasbro. For some reason they have the line on the back of the Star Wars Mighty Muggs packaging. I guess that’s their way of tying Mighty Muggs into the designer toy market. But I’m getting off topic, the real reason for the post is to announce that future Star Wars Mighty Muggs are already in the works!

Much to The Blot’s delight Hasbro is already planning the next wave of Star Wars Mighty Muggs to be released in 2008. (link) Not only that, but it appears that a certain card playing scoundrel, who also happened to be the previous owner of the Millennium Falcon before Han Solo, is going to be a part of the next wave of 6 inch figures. This is the one character I was holding out hope would be produced and Hasbro has not let The Blot down. Plus, if these preliminary sketches are any indication, the Lando Calrissian Mighty Mugg will be coming draped in his signature cape. What’s better than that!?! You can check out the very tiny concept sketches of future Star Wars Mighty Muggs figures below:

Concept Sketches of Future Star Wars Mighty Muggs Figures
Concept Sketches of Future Star Wars Mighty Muggs Figures
For more information on upcoming Star Wars toys check out ToyFare’s Star Wars Q & A with Hasbro.

Also, for those interested in the soon to be released Marvel Legends Mighty Muggs, here are some higher quality pictures of the first four figures in the toy line. From what I’ve read online, they should be hitting stores sometime in February.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Mighty Muggs
Wolverine Marvel Legends Mighty Muggs
Venom Marvel Legends Mighty Muggs
Iron Man Marvel Legends Mighty Muggs
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