Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barack Obama Invades The 40 Acres

Texas' New Number One Fan - Senator Barack ObamaWhile the Democratic presidential debate in Austin may be over (currently being replayed on CNN as I write this) and Senators Obama and Clinton are back out on the campaign trail, there is still one important issue to discuss…Senator Obama’s visit with the University of Texas’ football team earlier today. I was actually kind of shocked to find out that Mr. Obama took time out of his busy campaign schedule to take a tour of the school’s athletic facility and spend some quality time with Mack Brown and his players…but it did make for a pretty cool photo op.

Texas Longhorns Colt McCoy and Quan Cosby Tour The School's Facilities with Senator Barack Obama and Head Coach Mack Brown
The Austin American Statesman reports that while Texas Head Coach Mack “Brown has said that he doesn’t even vote (in anything other than the coaches poll), lest he be seen as straying too close to the political fire…his wife has donated to Obama’s campaign, giving $500 last March.” (link) Mack knows, as any good head football coach should, that picking a side, Democrat or Republican, can lead to a dicey situation while out recruiting, but it can’t hurt to have one of the most popular people in American flashing the Hook‘em Horns sign while campaigning to be the next President of the United States.

Barack Obama with Current and Former Longhorn Players
Senator Obama Striking the Heisman Pose with Earl Campbell's 1977 Heisman Trophy
Senator Barack Obama and Longhorns Assistant Head Coach Major Applewhite
To view all of the pictures from Senator Obama’s time with the Texas Longhorns football team click here. To read the Austin American Statesman’s report of his visit to the University of Texas campus click here.
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