Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sawyer-ism Of The Week

If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume Will Be My Constant.

Daniel Faraday
- A message written in
Daniel Faraday's journal to his future self

"The Constant"


This now marks the second week in a row that the Sawyer-ism of the Week is a quote from a character other than Sawyer. But since “The Constant” was all Desmond all the time, Sawyer, like most of the cast of Lost, was M.I.A. this episode. There also weren’t any funny lines this week, so I decided to forgo quoting a line of dialogue and instead quoted a message found in Daniel Faraday’s journal which I thought was really fascinating and perhaps a sign of things to come. It only flashed on screen for a brief second at the very end of the show, but maybe it explains how Faraday knew what needed to be done to save Desmond’s life.

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