Thursday, April 10, 2008

Limited Edition Huck Gee 8 Inch Skullhead Dunny

Tomorrow one of The Blot’s favorite artists, Huck Gee, is releasing a limited edition custom hand painted 8 inch recreation of his Series 1 Skullhead Dunny. (link) Only 10 of these 8” Skullhead Dunnys have been made and they go on sale at Huck’s Ebay Store this Friday, April 10th at Noon PST. Huck’s Series 1 3 inch Dunny is a classic and this 8” recreation is sure to go fast. But don’t expect to snag one unless you’re willing to fork over some serious cash, because like most of Huck’s custom hand painted 8” Dunnys, the Skullhead Dunny will be selling for $600.

I’ve included a photo of the hand painted 8” Skullhead Dunny and a photo with both the 8” and 3” Skullhead Dunnys so you can compare the two sizes. Additional photos of Huck’s 8” Skullhead Dunny can be found here.

Huck Gee 8 Inch Skullhead Dunny
Huck Gee 8 Inch and 3 Inch Skullhead Dunnys
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