Friday, April 11, 2008

Neil Patrick Harris Speaks Out On HIMYM's Stunt Casting

Who knew Neil Patrick Harris read The Blot Says…? NPH gave an interview to the Associated Press yesterday and was quoted in saying “I worry that if they start Will and Grace-ing us too much, that the show will suffer.” (link) Now where have I read that one before? Regardless I’m glad to see there’s someone on the cast of How I Met Your Mother that feels the same way I do.

How I Met Your Mother - Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson
Harris also stated that unfortunately he’s “in the minority that our show does not need stunt casting in order to succeed.” (link) I’m interpreting that to mean there is a lot more stunt casting in the works. With appearances by Enrique Iglesias, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears and Sarah Chalke already in the can this season and upcoming appearances by James Van Der Beek and Alan Thicke in the highly anticipated Robin Sparkles episode, I don’t see how the could possibly do any more stunt casting than they already have.

The Cast of How I Met Your MotherHarris also stated that “we’re all really proud of the content of the show. I mean, viewership is not our game. It’s the network and the studio’s game, you know. It’s the promotion department’s game. We wish we weren’t opposite an awkward reality dancing competition, but we have no say about that.” (link) I’m glad Harris is speaking out and standing up for the show because he is 100% right. I really loved the quote about the “awkward reality dancing competition,” I started laughing out loud when I read it.

The Cast of How I Met Your Mother
It’s a real shame the executive producers are messing with the show’s chemistry for a small increase in viewership. Longterm this stunt casting is really not in the show’s best interest. When the interview turned to storylines on the show, Harris was asked who might be the secret slanderer running Barney’s reputation introduced last episode to which NPH replied, “No telling, but based on the stunt casting we've done in the past I'm guessing Tara Reid." (link) How funny was that response? It sounds like the show has at least one unhappy cast member, and an important one at that. Hopefully the show’s creators will realize what a gold mine they have with the cast already in place and that with the right promotion the show can still greatly improve its ratings.

How I Met Your Mother - Josh Radner as Ted Mosby and Sarah Chalke as Stella
In other news, contrary to previous reports it sounds like Sarah Chalke will be able to clear some time on her schedule to make a return visit to How I Met Your Mother. According to Michael Ausiello “Sarah Chalke is in advanced talks to reprise her role as Ted’s possible future wife” for a few more episodes this season. (link) Chalke’s return is one instance of stunt casting I can live with. Hopefully Doogie is ok with it it too, because the one character HIMYM can ill afford to lose is Mr. Barney Stinson…suit up!
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