Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lost - The Shape Of Things To Come

Lost - Michael Emerson as Ben LinusMan, there is nothing better than a Ben-centric episode. Every single time the show focuses on the villain Lost fans love to hate we not only find out more about the multi-faceted Benjamin Linus, but also more details concerning the history of Lost’s mysterious island. This episode seems to have really set the stage for things to come this season and in future seasons…we learned how Ben and Sayid ended up working together in the future, we learned that Charles Widmore once controlled the island and that Ben has the ability to call for and direct the Smoke Monster. The episode also had a ton of Easter Eggs including the name and logo on the Dharma jacket Ben was wearing when he first woke up in the desert, the hieroglyphics on the door to Ben’s second secret room and the re-appearance and death of Sayid’s one true love, Nadia.

I’d be remise if I didn’t talk more about what at first appeared to be Ben escaping from the mercenaries by locking himself in his house’s secret room. How cool was it when Ben opened the door to the then unknown second secret room that was attached to his original secret room and called for the Smoke Monster? I guess there really is more to Smokey than we ever thought possible. And the hieroglyphics on the second secret room’s door evidently translate “to summon protection” which seems to be exactly what Ben did. (link)

Lost - Alan Dale as Charles WidmoreThe biggest question I now have is who set the rules Ben and Charles Widmore seem to be playing by and how far will Ben go to even the score now that his “daughter” Alex has been murdered. At least we now know Penelope will be playing a much bigger role on Lost in seasons to come, which is great because it means Desmond’s story is far from over.

Lost - Emilie de Ravin as Claire LittletonOne last note, considering how absent Claire has been all season combined with the fact we know Aaron makes it off the island, is there any question Claire bites the big one tomorrow night? I really hope this doesn’t happen considering how underutilized Emilie de Ravin has been all season, but whenever a character’s storyline seems to have run its course that character is typically killed off relatively soon after.

Lost - Claire and Aaron LittletonI’m hoping this is just a ploy to keep us guessing who will be killed off next though, because I had read a few months back that there were big things in store for Ms. Littleton and we’ve barely seen her at all this season. In fact, I think her baby Aaron has been getting twice the amount of screen time she has and he can’t even talk. All should be revealed tomorrow night at 10/9 central, that is if you believe the promos ABC has been running constantly all week long.
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