Thursday, May 1, 2008

G.I. Joe The Movie - First Look at General Hawk and Cover Girl

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Up until this point I’ve been really happy with all of the G.I. Joe cast photos I’ve seen. That changed today. When I heard they had cast Dennis Quaid as General Hawk, the commanding officer of G.I. Joe, I thought it was a pretty good casting decision. But why they decided to dress him up in such a god awful uniform I’ll never know. G.I. Joe Movie - Dennis Quaid as General Hawk For some reason they ditched the all leather look in Quaid’s cast photos and dressed him up in Army fatigues that bare a horrific resemblance to something Jean-Claude Van Damme once wore in 1994’s Street Fighter movie. If you don’t believe me or don't remember the horrible movie adaptation of the popular video game, I’ve included a photo of Van Damme as Colonel Guile below. I hope the producers of G.I. Joe see the error of their ways and end up changing General Hawk’s uniform before the movie starts filming. Street Fighter - Jean-Claude Van Damme as Colonel Guile G.I. Joe Movie - Dennis Quaid as General Hawk Karolina Kurkova stars as G.I. Joe member Courtney A. Kreiger, codename: Cover Girl, and her uniform isn’t nearly as bad since it’s really just basic army fatigues. But the more I look at her picture, the more I start having flashbacks to Kylie Minogue’s costume as Lieutenant Cammy in Street Fighter. So maybe the all camo look isn’t as good of a choice for Cover Girl either. The members of G.I. Joe should either all be in leather uniforms or all be in army fatigues, but this mixing of the two doesn’t really seem to work. Here’s hoping the G.I. Joe live action movie is no where near as bad as the live action Street Fighter movie was back in 1994. G.I. Joe Movie - Karolina Kurkova as Cover Girl To see other G.I. Joe First Look photos of characters from the upcoming live action G.I. Joe movie click here.
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