Monday, June 16, 2008

Admiral Ackbar Mighty Muggs - Previews Exclusive Star Wars Mighty Mugg

Thanks to Jedi and a quick search on eBay, we now have confirmation of a brand new limited edition Previews Exclusive Admiral Ackbar Star Wars Mighty Mugg.

Star Wars Might Muggs - Previews Exclusive Admiral Ackbar Mighty Mugg
I have no clue when this figure is set to be released or how limited it will be, but from the looks of this picture the Admiral Ackbar Mighty Muggs have already been produced, packaged and are ready to be shipped out. I have been waiting for another vinyl figure from Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs line to interest me and it’s finally here. I guess my Lando Calrissian Mighty Mugg figure won’t be alone for that much longer!

UPDATE: It now turns out there will be two limited edition Star Wars Previews Exclusive Mighty Muggs, an Admiral Ackbar Mighty Mugg and a Shadow Trooper Mighty Mugg. Both figures will be limited to 3,000 figures each and will be available October, 2008 for around $20.00 per figure.
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