Friday, June 27, 2008

Johnny Cupcakes’ New Summer T-Shirts - Includes Batman and Joker Themed Shirts

I’ve been waiting for the release of Johnny Cupcakes’ new summer line of t-shirts for a few days now, especially once I saw a glimpse of their new Joker themed t-shirt, Jokester. Well last night the new shirts hit the web and The Blot is excited to say that not only is there a Joker t-shirt, but there is also a brand new Batman themed shirt entitled Batcakes.

Johnny Cupcakes - Jokester Guys T-Shirt
Johnny Cupcakes - Batcakes Guys T-Shirt
All of the new limited edition shirts are available online here for $35.99 and come in both mens and womens styles. If you want one of these awesome shirts you’d better act fast because they are sure to be flying off store shelves quickly.

Johnny Cupcakes - Nautical Cross Oars Guys and Rope Bones Girls T-Shirts
Johnny Cupcakes - Pink Frosting Girls T-Shirt
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