Monday, June 9, 2008

Muttpop’s Dr. Destruction Wild Edition Pre-Order Starts Today

The Blot’s been waiting a while for this one. I’ve never really been interested in collecting any of Muttpop’s Lucha Libre vinyl figures or Image’s Lucha Libre comic books before, but after seeing the Dr. Destruction Wild Edition vinyl figure I knew I’d have to get it. You can see from the picture below that the Wild colorway follows the same color pattern of a certain Clown Prince of Crime.

Muttpop - Dr. Destruction Wild Edition Designer Vinyl Figure
As you all know I’m a big fan of Batman, and a Joker-esque version of Dr. Destruction is right up my alley. Muttpop couldn’t have planned the release of the Dr. Destruction Wild Edition any better with it coming out just a few weeks before the release of Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight.

Muttpop - Dr. Destruction Wild Edition Designer Vinyl Figure in L.A.
For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Destruction and the Lucha Libre line of designer vinyl figures and comic books, you can find out more about the line here. But basically it’s the story of “five middle aged Latino men [who] done Lucha Libre masks and protect East L.A.” (link) One cool thing about the vinyl toy line is that the figures were “made available before the first issues of Lucha Libre were published.” (link)

As for Dr. Destruction, another character from the popular comics, he “is the leader of Les Formidable, the first genuine group of French Superheroes.” (link) While Dr. Destruction’s “intentions are mainly cultural: Dr. Destruction is appalled with the peasant-like ways of Americans and came to East L.A. to teach them the rudiments of Les Bonnes Manieres.” (link)

Muttpop - Dr. Destruction Wild Edition Designer Vinyl Figure in L.A.
The Dr. Destruction Wild Edition is limited to 250 pieces and is being sold exclusively in the U.S. at (link) The figure’s pre-order begins today, Monday, June 9th and orders should start shipping on or around Monday, June 30th. The figure is 8.25” tall and comes with a removable cape, cigarette, cane and rotating head. I was really pumped about ordering this figure, that is, until I saw the price.

Muttpop - Dr. Destruction Original Designer Vinyl FigureThe Dr. Destruction Original had a suggested retail price of $45.00, but the new Dr. Destruction Wild Edition is being sold online for $69.99. says the list price for the figure is actually $79.99, but we all know that means nothing if they’re selling it for $69.99 and they’re the exclusive U.S. retailer of the figure. Seems like a ton to me for a designer toy, but I still love the colorway. Because as the figure’s description says, “this particular color way is the perfect clown prince to brighten those annoying dark nights.” (link)
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