Monday, June 16, 2008

Pon - Custom Dunny and A/P Fatcap Set

Fatcap Series 2 - Pon Feed FatcapThere’s a second exciting release also coming out tomorrow, Tuesday, June 17th, and this time it’s from New York artist Pon. As you all know I was really excited about his Feed Fatcap, which was released a few weeks back as a part of Kidrobot’s Fatcap Series 2. Well I had been hoping he’d be selling his Artist Proofs (A/P) sometime soon, and yesterday The Blot found out some exciting news.

Pon - Custom Hand Painted 3 Inch Feed Dunny
Not only will Pon be selling 10 autographed A/Ps, he is pairing each one with a custom hand painted 3” Dunny. (link) According to Pon, the “idea behind the Fatcap is a clean bronze statue with a standard city pigeon sitting on his head with poop all over it. The Dunny is a companion to the Fatcap, but is an aged/dirty bronze statue with an albino pigeon complete with red eyes.” (link)

Pon - Set of 10 Custom Hand Painted 3 Inch Feed Dunnys
Each two figure set will be sold on eBay for $100/pair and will go on sale at 2/1 p.m. Central. You can find Pon’s eBay auction here.
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