Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Sex and the City: The Movie Review

My girlfriend, Aly, might be one of Sex and the City’s biggest fans and can pretty much quote every episode by heart. So you can imagine the distress in our household when we realized our big trip to California was the same weekend as the movie’s opening weekend. Thankfully we both agreed a trip to Cali was worth delaying her first viewing of a film she’s been desperately waiting to see for years.

Sex and the City: The Movie Final One-Sheet Theatrical Movie Poster
Well, earlier this week we finally went and saw the Sex and the City movie and caught up with the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. I know what you’re thinking, I’m the worst boyfriend ever for making her wait even longer than necessary to see it, but it really wasn’t all my fault. I’m not going to give a huge review of the movie, but I will say it was much, much better than I ever expected. Yes, watching it felt like just like watching a super sized episode of the television series, but in many ways I think that’s what they were aiming for. When a TV show is that popular why change what obviously already works?

Sex and the City: The Movie
I did think the movie took a direction that it didn’t need to in the hopes of adding life altering drama to the script, but if they hadn’t done that I’m not so sure what the over-all storyline would have focused on. You can’t revisit these women’s lives after all these years and not expect some changes, and you definitely can’t make a major motion picture without coming up with a major plot line to move the story along. The only thing I wish there had been more of was screen time for Willie Garson as Stanford Blatch and Mario Cantone as Anthony Marentino. Those guys continually stole the spotlight of every scene they were in.

Sex and the City - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album CoverThe main reason I decided to write this post on Sex and the City: The Movie was to put all the Sex and the City haters’ minds at ease. For a guy who was never really a fan of HBO’s Sex and the City and only watched begrudgingly maybe two seasons of the show, the movie was actually pretty entertaining. The film did an excellent job in the first five minutes of recapping all six seasons of the television show and giving you everything you needed to know to enjoy the movie. Obviously the movie skews towards women, but if your wife/girlfriend/significant other plans on dragging you to see it, take solace in knowing it’s really not all that bad. In fact, if it didn’t kill me to say so, I’d actually say it was pretty good.
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