Friday, June 20, 2008

Shadow Trooper Mighty Mugg - Previews Exclusive Star Wars Mighty Muggs

Earlier this week The Blot told you about the limited edition Star Wars Previews Exclusive Admiral Ackbar Mighty Mugg. Well it now turns out that the rebel leader is actually part of a Previews Exclusive two figure series. Also being released is a Shadow Trooper Mighty Mugg, an all black version of the Empire’s Storm Trooper.

Star Wars Previews Exclusive Mighty Muggs - Admiral Ackbar and Shadow Stormtrooper
Multiple online retailers now have pre-orders up for both Previews Exclusive Star Wars Mighty Muggs figures and they both look really well done. Each Mighty Mugg is limited to 3,000 vinyl figures and should be in stores sometime in October, 2008. It looks like prices for these two limited edition Mighty Muggs will be around $20.00 (typically a little less).
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