Friday, July 11, 2008

One Week Until The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight - A Picture of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne Vandalized By The JokerThe official countdown has begun until the world premiere of The Dark Knight. We are one week away and already the media frenzy around this movie is growing. I’ve yet to find a single bad review online and some of the critics giving the movie positive reviews is really quite impressive. Even The Blot’s favorite film maker, writer/director Kevin Smith says the movie is “’s the Godfather II of comic book films and three times more earnest than Batman Begins…easily the most adult comic book film ever made.” (link) That’s pretty high praise from a man hard to please!

If you have any inclination about seeing this movie on opening weekend then I highly urge you to preorder your tickets now, because this film is going to easily turn into the biggest blockbuster of 2008 and tickets will be hard to find. To get you even more excited, check out this awesome new The Dark Knight promotional poster made up entirely of joker playing cards.

The Dark Knight - Joker Playing Cards Poster
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