Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Wave 4

The newest wave of Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs was announced this week. Unfortunately it will include only two new figures, a Young Indiana Jones figure and a Satipo figure with spiders. I am really pleased to find out about the Young Indy vinyl figure because in my honest opinion there can never be enough tributes to the late, great River Phoenix. That guy could just flat out act and all of his films are classics in my book.

Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Wave 4 - Young Indiana Jones Mighty Mugg
What I don’t get is why Hasbro has decided to start releasing mini waves for its line of Indiana Jones and Star Wars Mighty Muggs figures. At least in the case of Star Wars, it’s not like they will ever be running out of characters to make in Mighty Mugg form. Each of Hasbro's Mighty Muggs mini waves will still include four figures, but only two of the figures will be new. The two figures rounding out the wave will be previously released characters. For instance, in Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Wave 4 we’ll be getting the aforementioned Young Indy and Satipo designer vinyl figures released alongside with the previously released Professor Jones figure and the White Tuxedo Indiana Jones figure.

Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Wave 4 - Satipo with Spiders
Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs Wave 4 will be arriving in stores in November 2008.
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