Monday, August 25, 2008

The Shield Season 7 - The Final Act

The Shield on FX - Final Season One Sheet Television PosterThe Blot is both excited and sad for the start of The Shield’s 7th and final season on FX. The Shield, created by Shawn Ryan and starring Michael Chiklis, really put FX on the map and led the way for the abundance of quality cable television we have today. It is also one of the few television shows that has actually gotten better each and every season. Since the series began in 2002 I have been riveted with the lives and stories of the inner city Los Angeles police officers stationed at the infamous Barn. Whether it be following the shenanigans of Vic Mackey’s strike force or the crazy cases of Detectives Holland “Dutch” Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms, there has never been a slow episode.

The Shield Season 7 - The Final Act Television Poster
While it’s unfortunate that FX’s erratic scheduling has left a longer than normal hiatus between The Shield’s sixth and seventh seasons, I know anyone who has ever watched a single episode of this gritty cop drama will be tuning in on Tuesday, September 2nd at 10/9c to see the beginning of the end of one of television’s greatest characters, Vic Mackey. The one question everyone wants answered will finally be revealed, how is it all going to end? Will Vic be killed? Will he go to jail? Or, will he walk away?
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