Monday, August 25, 2008

Puma First Round Sketch Sneakers

Puma First Round Sketch Sneakers - Red and WhiteWhile The Blot was in Dallas this past weekend I made sure to find some time to do a little shopping. I was especially excited to see a really great selection, including a few new releases, at the Dallas NorthPark Puma store. The best of the new releases has to be Puma’s First Round Sketch sneakers, which just have a very clean look to them. To be honest I’m not sure the picture below does them justice.

Puma First Round Sketch Sneakers - Vaporous Gray and Maui Blue
The Puma First Round Sketch “offers a truly unique ‘hand painted’ look” and I love the Vaporous Gray/Maui Blue color scheme. (link) What can I say, I'm drawn to that pop art look they give off. Best of all, the store actually carried a pair in size 14. That’s something you don’t see every day. These sick skater shoes sell for $85.00 and for a limited time come with free shipping if you purchase them directly from Puma at their online store.

Puma First Round Sketch - Black & White and Blue & White
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