Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Out Boy - Folie à Deux Album Cover by Luke Chueh

Luke Chueh - Possessed PrintI know I’ve never mentioned artist Luke Chueh before, but the Los Angeles artist is really awesome. It always amazes me when an artist can do one thing so well and in so many different ways that each piece of art looks unique and original. Much of Chueh’s work involves a sad bear and is the perfect “juxtaposition of cutenss with the macabre.” (link)

Luke Chueh - Bat Bear

Luke Chueh - Possessed Vinyl FigureIf you aren’t familiar with Chueh’s work I highly recommend going to his official website and looking through his extensive gallery. Whether as a print or the highly sought after Possessed vinyl figures, Chueh “stylistically balances cute with brute, walking the fine line between comedy and tragedy” in a way I have never seen before. (link) It is because of this that I was shocked and excited to hear Chueh would be providing the cover art of Fall Out Boy’s fifth studio album Folie à Deux.

Fall Out Boy - Folie a Deux Cover Art by Luke Chueh
Fall Out BoyI love the mixture of Chueh’s signature bear with Fall Out Boy's emo style. On the one hand I’m excited for Chueh because now a much larger audience will be able to experience his amazing talent. But on the other hand, Chueh is now sure to become an international sensation, causing the prices of his art and vinyl figures to go through the roof. Regardless, this is great news for Chueh and very exciting news for all of his fans.

Folie à Deux by Fall Out Boy will be released in the U.S. on November 4, 2008.
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