Tuesday, September 9, 2008

J.J. Abrams’ Fringe

Fringe, the latest series from TV wunderkind J.J. Abrams, debuts tonight, Tuesday, September 9, on FOX. While Abrams (Felicity, Alias) may have created one of my all time favorite television shows, Lost, I have no idea what to expect with his latest creation.

Fringe by J.J. Abrams Television Poster
Fringe on FOX Teaser Television Poster - LeafDescribed as an X-Files for a new generation, Fringe “centers on no-nonsense FBI agent Olivia Dunham, played by Australian newcomer Anna Torv, who explores odd occurrences of ‘fringe’ science. Her path leads to brilliant but mad scientist Walter Biship (John Noble), who must be extracted from a mental hospital, with the help of his estranged son Peter (Joshua Jackson), dragged reluctantly into the mix.” (link) The show also stars two of my favorite actors from the classic HBO series OZ, Kirk Acevedo and Lance Reddick.

Fringe on FOX Teaser Television Poster - FrogMy only problem with the show, and the main reason I am not more excited about it, is that it stars Pacey from Dawson’s Creek! Other than that, it sounds like a winner. Abrams explained to USAToday.com that he “wanted to do a show that had a procedural template, a sort of structure, but doing a procedural in the mold of CSI and Law & Order didn’t interest me.” (link) Instead, Abrams decided to go a rout more reminiscent of The X-Files, by “grafting a larger mythology onto the series that rewards loyal viewers but isn’t essential to any weekly episode.” (link) Basically it’s a version of Lost that’s more welcoming to new viewers and doesn’t take place on an island.

I’m not sold on Fringe yet, but FOX must be. Otherwise how can you explain the $10 million budget the network gave Abrams to produce Fringe’s two hour pilot. (link) Despite my misgivings, I’m going to have to watch tonight’s series premiere. I at least owe Abrams that much for giving the world Lost.

Fringe airs Tuesday nights on FOX at 8/7C.
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