Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Nightmare In Jeremyville 8 Inch Dunny

The new Nightmare In Jeremyville 8 inch Dunny really signifies what I love about Kidrobot’s Dunny platform. Not only does this designer vinyl figure feature a very cool, unique design, but it introduces me to an artist I had not heard of before, Jeremy Ville.

Kidrobot - Nightmare in Jeremyville 8 Inch Dunny
The design on the front and back of this crying, pink Dunny actually tells the story of this figure’s horrifying nightmare and includes a comic strip poster detailing the Halloween themed adventure. This is the kind of 8” Dunny I have been patiently waiting for Kidrobot to release, especially after the last 6-9 months of generic characters. This figure returns to Kidrobot’s roots and actually pushes the boundaries of what an artist can do with a Dunny canvas.

Kidrobot - Nightmare in Jeremyville 8 Inch Dunny Comic Strip Poster
The Nightmare In Jeremyville 8” Dunny retails for $50.00 and will be released on October 2, 2008. This limited edition figure also includes a decaying carrot accessory and a 14 x 17 inch comic poster (as shown above).
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