Thursday, October 23, 2008

Batman and Iron Man CosBaby 3 Inch Vinyl Figures

Iron Man Mark 3 Cosbaby Vinyl Figure by Hot ToysI am still not sure how I feel about these cutesy little super hero figures, but I do love the huge variety of characters Hong Kong toymaker Hot Toys has included in their CosBaby line of 3” PVC figures. First they released a 7 figure line of Marvel Comics’ Iron Man Movie CosBaby figures and now they are releasing an 8 figure line of DC Comics’ Batman CosBaby figures.

Iron Man Movie Cosbaby 7 Figure PVC Set by Hot Toys
The CosBaby line of figures are inspired by CosPlay (from the contraction of the words “costume play”), a type of performance art and role play in which the cosplayers meticulously outfit themselves in character costumes from sources such as manga, anime, comics, movies and video games to become the characters they emulate, reenacting scenes from the original sources.

Batman Cosbaby 8 Figure PVC Set by Hot Toys
The Iron Man Movie CosBaby line includes Iron Man Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3, Tony Stark, Tony Stark (Mark 1 version), Tony Stark (Mark 3 version) and one secret variant. The Batman CosBaby line includes Modern Batman, Classic Batman, The Joker, Robin, Classic Batgirl, Catwoman, Two-Face and one secret chase figure.

Classic Batman, Robin & The Joker Cosbaby Vinyl Figures by Hot Toys
Both lines of 3” CosBaby figures should be hitting store shelves this month, so keep your eyes out if you’re interested in picking up a few of these cute ‘lil figures. I’m just hoping the Batman chase figure is not a Bruce Wayne figure (a figure I would never want in a million years). Now a Nightwing figure, that is something I might be interested in! It looks like each figure comes packed on a 4-color blister card and will retail for around $10.
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