Friday, October 31, 2008

Lost Kubrick Chase Figures - Ben and Desmond

Here’s an exciting follow up to The Blot’s previous post on the Lost Kubrick and Be@rbrick vinyl figures by Medicom. Medicom typically puts in mystery chase figures into their blind box series of figures, so I was really excited to find out there was not one but two secret, previously unknown figures included in their Lost Kubrick series.

First up is the Ben Linus Kubrick figure, which comes with a cane and might have the best hair of all of the Lost Kubrick figures.

Lost Kubrick Figure Ben Linus
Not to be outdone, the Desmond Hume Kubrick figure has pretty sweet hair as well. But alas, he is the only Lost Kubrick figure to not come with an accessory! The Blot is a little disappointed he didn’t come with something, but I guess I’m ok with it because I’m just glad to see him in Kubrick form at all.

Lost Kubrick Figure Desmond Hume
I still haven’t seen any of these figures in person yet, but when I do I’m sure to snatch up a few blind boxes. If you’re interested in purchasing a sealed case of 24 blind boxes to try and collect the entire set, you can purchase it here for $149.99 from Big Bad Toy
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