Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Love Season 3 Television Poster

HBO’s Big Love is finally returning to TV this Sunday with an all new season after over a year hiatus. I have to be honest, I tried watching Big Love’s first season and couldn’t get into it. I ended up only watching the show’s first two episodes that year. Then, when Big Love Season 2 debuted I decided to give it another shot and you know what, I got hooked. Not only that, but Aly got hooked too. Needless to say we’re both really excited for Big Love’s third season to get underway on January 18th and I highly recommend renting Big Love Seasons 1 & 2 if you either don't have HBO or have never watched an episode of the HBO drama before. Once you get past that whole polygamy thing the show becomes a really moving and startling look at family life.

Big Love Season 3 on HBO Television Poster
Big Love airs every Sunday on HBO at 9/8c.
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