Friday, February 20, 2009

2009’s First Batch of New Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirts

The Blot’s a little late on posting about these, but I couldn’t pass up sharing the cool new designs coming from Johnny Cupcakes. I love the retro feel of a couple of these shirts and I’m always down for more colorways of JC’s trademark Cupcake and Crossbones t-shirts. Plus, we get an all new Boston Shamrock tee for 2009! Even though the Boston Celtics are the hated rivals of my beloved LA Lakers, I still enjoy seeing unofficial tie-ins with the Johnny Cupcakes brand.

Johnny Cupcakes - A-OK Hand and Clover '09 T-Shirts
Johnny Cupcakes - Fuchsia, Yellow & White on Red Cupcake & Crossbones T-Shirts
Johnny Cupcakes - Everyone Loves Cupcakes and Panda '09 T-Shirts and Bakery Dept Crew Sweatshirt
Also included in 2009’s first set of new releases are a limited edition Totem Pole t-shirt and a special Valentine’s Day themed Cupcake and Crossbones t-shirt.

Johnny Cupcakes - Limited Edition Totem Pole and Valentines T-Shirts
Johnny Cupcakes - Linked Grey and Pink T-Shirts
As always, all Johnny Cupcakes shirts come in both guys and girls styles and most retail for $35.99. The limited edition Totem Pole shirt sells for $50.99 and the Bakery Dept Crew sweatshirts sell for $75.99. If you live in Boston or LA you can purchase the above shirts and more at one of three Johnny Cupcakes locations, or if you’re like The Blot and live no where near a JC store you can always make a purchase at the official Johnny Cupcakes online store.
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