Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Custom Mighty Muggs From MuggLab.com

MuggLab.com logoSince The Blot is always talking about custom Mighty Muggs, I thought it was about time to show you some of the great customizing work being done by artists from around the world. The best place to check out the latest in custom Mighty Muggs is MuggLab.com, which showcases some of the greatest hand painted custom Mighty Muggs I’ve ever seen. MuggLab has an awesome, easy to navigate database of the work of almost 50 different artists and it’s growing every day.

This first custom Mighty Mugg is probably one of my all time favorites and it comes from the creator of MuggLab, Dr. Mugg. Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo is one of The Blot’s all time favorite comic books (which I’ve been reading faithfully for over 15 years), so of course I was really excited to see the long-eared ronin in Mighty Muggs form!

Usagi Yojimbo Custom Mighty Mugg by Dr. Mugg

Custom Usagi Yojimbo Mighty Mugg by Dr. Mugg
He-Man Custom Mighty Mugg by yabemc

Custom He-Man Mighty Mugg by yabemc
Watchmen Rorschach Custom Mighty Mugg by KSC

Custom Rorschach Mighty Mugg by KSC
Stan Lee Custom Mighty Mugg by Jodi Moisan

Custom Stan Lee Mighty Mugg by Jodi Moisan
If you like what you see above, check out each individual artist’s website and MuggLab for the latest custom Mighty Muggs creations.
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