Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green Lantern Uni-Formz Vinyl Figures

Last weekend at Toy Fair 2009, DC Direct unveiled the third figure in their fledgling limited edition Uni-Formz designer toy line. As previously announced, they have chosen the next Uni-Formz release to be the DC Comics super-hero Green Lantern. Like the Batman and Superman Uni-Formz vinyl figures, Green Lantern will be released with three different colorways: Modern, Power Glow and Guardian.

DC Direct Uni-Formz – Modern Green Lantern Vinyl Figure
While I think Hal Jordan looks great in Uni-Formz’ urban inspired chunky vinyl form, I question why they chose to release two colorways, Modern and Guardian, that look almost identical. To be honest I can barely tell them apart, with the only difference between the two figures being one Green Lantern's costume is more of a metallic green. Jordan has been patrolling Sector 2814 as Earth’s Green Lantern since the 1950’s, with all that history you'd think there would be a better third colorway option than Guardian.

DC Direct Uni-Formz – Guardian Green Lantern Vinyl Figure
The coolest of the three colorways has to be Power Glow Green Lantern, which depicts Hal Jordan encapsulated by his Green Lantern Power Ring. If I hadn’t already decided that I wanted to collect each figure’s classic look I might have changed my mind and picked this figure instead.

DC Direct Uni-Formz – Power Glow Green Lantern Vinyl Figure
The limited edition Green Lantern Uni-Formz vinyl figures feature 12 points of articulation, stand approximately 8 inches tall, are packaged in a deluxe 4-color window box and will retail for around $60 each. The Green Lantern Uni-Formz figures are scheduled for release sometime during December of 2009.

Thanks to Toy News International and for the photos above!
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