Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lost - 316

Lost - 316 - Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus and Matthew Fox as Jack ShephardI think last week’s episode “316” is my hands down favorite episode that has focused on the Oceanic 6, mainly because it really felt like an episode from Season 1. If you noticed, it moved the storyline along without answering a single lingering question. In fact, it left us with a slew of all new questions that I assume will be answered over the course of the season’s remaining episodes. It is my understanding that now that the Oceanic 6 have returned to the island the show will return to having flashbacks/flashforwards featuring one of the show’s many characters. I would imagine this is how they are going to show us what has taken place off the island the past three years and the reasons each of the Oceanic 6 agreed to go back.

Lost - 316 - Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana, Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah and Said Taghmaoui as CaesarWhile the episode was great, especially the return of Frank Lapidus, I now have a ridiculous amount of questions that need answering immediately! In no particular order: Where is Aaron; What loose end was Ben tying up; Who convinced Kate, Hurley and Sun to get on the plane; Why was Sayid in handcuffs and why would a federal agent be taking him to Guam of all places; What is the real back story of the two new characters introduced this episode: Caesar (the guy who gave his condolences to Jack and just happened to be sitting in first class with the rest of the Oceanic 6) and Sayid’s captor Ilana; Why was Walt not needed to return to the island; Where is Desmond, Penny and Charlie; Why did Ms. Hawking not seem too concerned about Daniel Faraday’s predicament; and lastly, just what is the connection between Ms. Hawking, Ben and Charles Widmore?

Lost - 316 - Jorge Garcia as Hurley Reyes, Michael Emerson as Ben Linus & Matthew Fox as Jack ShephardOk, now it's time for The Blot's final thoughts: First off, it sure seems like the show wanted us to think Ben had gone to the marina to kill Penny, just as he had threatened Charles Widmore he would, didn't it? Is there a chance this major development would have already occurred this early into the season and off camera!?! If not, what else could he have been doing that left him in such bad shape?

Lost - 316 - Michael Emerson as Ben Linus and Matthew Fox as Jack ShephardAs you may remember, Jack was told that the Oceanic 6 had to recreate the original Oceanic flight 815 as closely as possible in order to have a chance at finding the island. While everyone wasn’t sitting in their original seats (they were all sitting first class this time around), here are a few of the things I noticed that were similar to the original flight: it was transporting a recently deceased person to be buried (John Locke in Christian Shephard’s shoes), someone was in handcuffs being taken to trial (Sayid taking Kate’s place this go round), someone brought a guitar (Hurley did so in honor of Charlie) and Lapidus was piloting the plane (he was supposed to be the pilot for Oceanic Flight 815). Did I miss anything?

Lost - 316 - Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard and Evangeline Lilly as Kate AustenThis final thought actually is an off shoot the last topic: is there a chance Kate is now pregnant with Jack’s child? Earlier in the episode she randomly slept with Jack before telling him she had changed her mind and will return with him to the island. This was definitely out of character considering the fallout they had just had over Aaron’s safety, and makes me think someone convinced her she needed to sleep with Jack before agreeing to go back to the island. Is it possible someone told her she had to get pregnant before getting on that plane? If so she would then be taking the place of Claire as the airline passenger who is pregnant with a grandchild of Christian Shepard.

Oh yeah, did anyone else catch that Hurley was reading a copy of Y: The Last Man in Spanish? There has been some talk on the internet discussing what connection Y's epic journey has to Lost’s overall storyline, but my guess is it is just a shout out to Y: The Last Man’s creator/writer Brian K. Vaughan, who is also a writer on Lost. That’s it for this week, only a few hours until tonight’s all new episode of Lost. Here’s hoping Frank Lapidus is back for more than just one cameo! I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
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