Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Organ Donors by FOOX Blind Box Vinyl Series

Organ Donors by FOOX Blind Box Vinyl Series
The minute The Blot found out about Organ Donors, an all new series of extremely unique blind boxed vinyl figures by FOOX, I knew you guys would want check them out. I especially love this series because of one figure in particular, care to make a guess which one it is? Let’s just say its colorway is based on a certain armored Avenger who also starred in one of the biggest movies of 2008.

Organ Donors by FOOX Vinyl Figures - Lungs: The Lungs, Smoker's Lungs, Iron Lungs & The Invincible Lungs
The idea for Organ Donors came to artist David Foox when a member of his wife's family had to have a double lung transplant. He had had Cystic Fibrosis since the day he was born and he was lucky enough to get a set of lungs from an Iron Man athlete. Someone's lungs helped this family member to live longer than ever expected, and it was this miracle that was the seed for the Organ Donors by FOOX vinyl toy series.

Organ Donors by FOOX Vinyl Figures - Lechter Liver, Smoker's Lungs and Lion Heart of Gold
Each 3.25 inch Organ Donor vinyl figure has 5 points of articulation and comes individually packaged in a blind box with foil wrap on the inside. There are 9 different organs represented in the Organ Donors series (Lungs, Stem Cells, Brains, Eyeball/Cornea, Blood Cells, Kidneys, Livers, Plasma & Heart) with 24 different colorways in all.

Organ Donors by FOOX Vinyl Figures Blind Box Packaging
Each colorway has it’s own ratio, so some Organ vinyl figures are rarer than others. But no matter which figure you get they all come wearing a typical hospital gown, and you know what that means…the Organ’s butt cheeks are always showing!

Organ Donors by FOOX Vinyl Figures - Black Market Kidneys and The Lungs
The entire series of Organ Donors is limited to just 12,000 figures produced and will retail for $15 per figure. They are scheduled to be hitting store shelves worldwide the second week of March 2009, but if you can't wait another day you can also order Organ Donors immediately directly from FOOX at his website FOOX-U here (they even come autographed by special request!).
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