Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kidrobot - 8 Inch Jaguar Warrior Dunny by Jesse Hernandez

Kidrobot - 8 Inch Jaguar Warrior Dunny and Packaging by Jesse HernandezThis Thursday, March 5, 2009, Kidrobot is releasing one of the coolest 8” Dunnys The Blot has seen in years. Jesse Hernandez’ Urban Aztec art continually blows me away and
I cannot wait to pick up one of his 8 inch Jaguar Warrior Dunnys. The design on this figure is amazing, and I am really excited about the ultra-evil, super rare Jaguar Warrior chase.

Kidrobot - 8 Inch Jaguar Warrior Dunny by Jesse Hernandez Banner
The Jaguar Warrior Dunny comes wearing war paint, a headdress, and a red, black and gold shield accessory. Each Jesse Hernandez 8” Dunny is $75 and can be purchased directly from Kidrobot.com here, your favorite online retailer or your local vinyl shop beginning Thursday, March 5. I wouldn’t wait to hunt down one these intricately designed limited edition vinyl figures though, as there are only 1500 being produced and the elusive chase will be in extremely limited quantities (the chase colorway is 1 in every 12 figures).
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