Monday, March 30, 2009

Muttpop - Tequila 2.0 Vinyl Figure

Thanks to Muttpop we now have official photos of Tequila 2.0. Tequila 2.0 is a rerelease (and a slightly different take) of the first Lucha Libre vinyl figure Muttpop ever produced, the OG Tequila vinyl figure. Tequila and its three colorways have been highly sought after collectables since their release a few years ago and the high prices of those hard to find figures on the secondary market continue to hold steady. While there are a few slight differences in the figure’s mold and coloring, the biggest difference between the original Tequila figure and Tequila 2.0 is the blood splatter on his right hand and poncho.

Muttpop - Tequila 2.0 Vinyl Figure and Packaging
While I’m not a huge fan of blood splatter on my vinyl figures, Muttpop Bob explained that “the blood was a nice way to distinguish this version from [the] Original. We must pay respect to the og fans that got the first one.” I totally get that, and it really is a great way to reproduce an amazingly popular figure without over saturating the market and devaluing the original Tequla’s status in the eyes of collectors. Many fans of Lucha Libre and Muttpop vinyl figures have been waiting for this release for a really long time, but The Blot is still way more excited for the upcoming Radioactive Tequila Pop Culture colorway inspired by Marvel’s Incredible Hulk seen here.

Muttpop - Tequila 2.0 Vinyl Figure With and Without Poncho
Muttpop’s Tequila 2.0 vinyl figure will hit stores in just a few weeks sometime in April, 2009 and have a retail price of $60.
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