Monday, April 13, 2009

Kidrobot - Rainy Day 3 Inch Dunny by Jon Burgerman

Kidrobot - Jon Burgerman's Ye Olde English 3 Inch DunnyIt’s amazing what a difference a year makes. 2008 saw Kidrobot collectors complaining night and day about the high production numbers of the company’s “limited edition” figures and the poor designs the company chose to produce. But since the start of 2009 fans have been ecstatic. First we saw the production of two amazingly detailed 8 inch Dunnys with small run sizes and extremely limited edition chase variant colorways. Now comes news that Kidrobot is releasing a previously unannounced all new 3 inch Dunny: Jon Burgerman’s Rainy Day Dunny.

Kidrobot - Rainy Day 3 Inch Dunny by Jon Burgerman Front & Back
The Rainy Day Dunny looks to be a new take on Burgerman’s Ye Olde English Dunny, with new doodles all over his Dunny’s now blue (instead of orange) body. Best of all, the Rainy Day Dunny is limited to a run of just 1,000 figures and has a retail price of just $9.95. That sure beats the new price of $75 that recently produced 8” Dunnys limited to 1,000 figures are selling for. I was also pretty shocked to find out that this Dunny will be released in a box featuring all new artwork by Jon Burgerman. That’s another nice touch to this unannounced release.

Kidrobot - Rainy Day 3 Inch Dunny and Box by Jon Burgerman
This new Rainy Day Dunny is a Kidrobot exclusive and can be found only when it pours. According to this limited-edition figure is only available in Kidrobot stores on rainy days (and on too because it ''rains'' there from time-to-time as well). The Blot has no idea if the whole “rainy day” thing is literal or not, but Kidrobot suggests keeping an eye on the weather starting Thursday, April 16, 2009. So I am assuming this limited edition figure will be going on sale April 16th. For those of us not lucky enough to live in cities with Kidrobot store you should be able to purchase the Rainy Day Dunny online here.
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