Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sgt. Robot - Kidrobot Mascot 17

As much as I love Kidrobot’s line of Kidrobot mascot vinyl figures, I honestly thought the series of robot figures would eventually get old. Instead, I find myself continually amazed at the ideas artists keep coming up with for this 8 inch platform. Kidrobot 17 was designed by painter Dave White, whose concept for Sgt. Robot was brought about by his love for playing with toy soldiers and making models as a kid. Dave hated how his models came painted in pristine condition, so he would rough them up with scratches, dints, mud, rust and bullet holes to make them look as though they’d emerged from the trenches.

Kidrobot - Sgt. Robot: Kidrobot Mascot 17 by Dave White
Kidrobot 17: Sgt. Robot emerges from the trenches on June 4, 2009 serious about his pacifist ways. Available in 2 rare colorways, army green or black, this 8” figure includes a removable bazooka, helmet and dove accessory and will retail for $50. Kidrobot is only producing 600 of each colorway, so don’t delay in recruiting one of these killer designer figures into your vinyl collection.
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