Thursday, June 18, 2009

PNE - The 27 Club Print by Justin Hampton, Emek & Jermaine Rogers

Post Neo Explosionism is a collaborative founded by three mainstays of rock poster art: Justin Hampton, Emek and Jermaine Rogers. The group first came together in an unprecedented union of talents with a group showing of their works in the fall of 2002 at Seattle's famed Showbox Theater. From 2002-2005, PNE helped pioneer the idea of the 'poster series' by creating prints for each of the dates of tours by Queens Of The Stone Age, Audioslave, and Built To Spill (respectively). Now PNE is back with an all new rock themed collaborative art print entitled The 27 Club.

Post Neo Explosionism - The 27 Club (Regular Edition) Print by Justin Hampton, Emek & Jermaine Rogers
The imagery of the screen print embraces one of the most enduring cult phenomena of rock music: the pantheon of influential musicians who passed from this mortal world at the age of 27. Of course, there were a few others in the history of rock and roll who perished at age 27 and are not depicted here. PNE decided to choose a few of their favorites The 27 Club…can you identify them? This collaborative print is the first of various PNE art prints planned for the future, addressing a variety of topics ranging from the sublime to the utterly ridiculous.

Post Neo Explosionism - The 27 Club (Black Glow Edition) Print by Justin Hampton, Emek & Jermaine Rogers
The 27 Club (Regular Edition) is a 7 color screen print, measures 28 x 24 inches and is limited to just 200 pieces. Each print comes hand signed and numbered by all three artists and will sell for $100 each. The 27 Club (Black Glow Edition) comes in an otherworldly pale tone, printed on black stock, and when the lights are out the image glows in the dark. The 27 Club (Black Glow Edition) also measures approximately 28 x 24 inches, but it is limited to 100 signed and numbered prints which will retail for $100 each.

Both versions of The 27 Club screen prints will be released on the PNE website on Friday, June 19th, at a random time between 2pm-3pm central standard time. There is a limit of one of each poster per buyer.
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