Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shocker Toys - Mallow Vinyl Figures

Not to be left out of the growing designer vinyl toy market, Shocker Toys, creator of the Indie Spotlight comic book action figure toy line, has created its own line of designer vinyl figures called Mallows. Mallows are a new 5 inch marshmallow themed figure featuring up to 10 points of articulation and up to 7 interchangeable parts with an oversized removable head. You can see what a Blank Do-It-Yourself Mallow looks like in the picture below:

Shocker Toys - Blank DIY Mallow Vinyl Figure
Similar to Mighty Muggs and Mez-Itz in size, Mallows will feature a whole slew of different licensed characters on this new, interesting looking platform. Along with producing Mallow versions of the comic book characters that make up their Indie Spotlight toy line, Shocker Toys will also be releasing Mallow vinyl figures based on American Greetings characters such as Sushi Pack, Madballs and My Pet Monster. Collectors and artists can purchase the D-I-Y white Mallow seen above at the Shocker Toys online store for $13 each.

What’s most exciting about Shocker Toys’ new Mallow toy line is that it will be launching at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! Shocker Toys has three different SDCC 2009 exclusives lined up for this summer’s Con, and The Blot will be featuring each and every one of them here today at The Blot Says… So check back in later today to find out more!
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