Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SDCC 09 - MOTU Wun-Dar the Savage He-Man Action Figure

The Blot’s not a die hard Masters of the Universe fan anymore, but I thought this figure looked pretty neat. Evidently Wun-Dar the Savage He-Man action figure is a bonus figure available only to those collectors who join Matty Collector’s Club Eternia for 2010. If you’re already planning to collect the entire series of figures, how can you pass up this special offer? Especially since Wun-Dar comes with the greatest accessory ever, a freaking loaf of bread!

MattyCollector.com Exclusive Masters of the Universe Action Figures - Moss Man and the Club Eternia Exclusive Wun-Dar the Savage He-Man
Wun-Dar kinda looks like a custom I might of made as a kid, taking a He-Man body and giving him Zodac’s accessories. But it is cool Mattel has chosen to make him anyway and given him such great weapons like a power sword and bread. On a side note, how cool does the Moss Man figure next to Wun-Dar look? I used to love that action figure as a kid.

For those wanting more information on Club Eternia, click here. Basically it is the official home of the Masters of the Universe toy line, where membership guarantees you all of your favorite MOTU figures. By purchasing a membership to the 2010 Club Eternia you'll receive all 12 of the monthly MOTU figures released during the year, plus a club-exclusive Wun-Dar figure and special bonus map of Eternia. The total Subscription cost is $260 (12 figures at $20 each = $240, plus $20 membership fee).
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