Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kidrobot - Wood Donkey 8 Inch Dunny by Amanda Visell

Kidrobot - Wood Donkey 8 Inch Dunny Packaging by Amanda VisellThe Blot is pleased to announce Amanda Visell’s jolly, axe wielding Wood Donkey Dunny goes on sale this Thursday, August 20th! Discovered in the woods and raised by lumberjacks, Wood Donkey spends his days chopping down trees. After a lifetime of terrorizing the forest, all of the forest creatures now fear him…forcing him to chop himself up to make new friends. His philosophy is the more, the merrier, so watch your fingers because Wood Donkey's always looking to expand his circle of friends!

Kidrobot - Wood Donkey 8 Inch Dunny by Amanda Visell
This chummy 8” figure comes with a bonus stump and axe, and features delicate vinyl leaves as fingers. The Wood Donkey Dunny has a limited edition run size of 1,500 and retails for $75. To commemorate the release of her first 8 inch Dunny, Amanda will be holding signings at Kidrobot’s stores in LA (Aug. 18th), San Francisco (Aug. 19th), Dallas (Aug 20th) and New York (Aug. 21st).

Kidrobot - Wood Donkey 8 Inch Dunny with Ax and Tree Stump by Amanda Visell
The figure will go on sale at each Kidrobot store at 6pm on the day of signings and Thursday, August 20, 2009, at 11am EST on Kidrobot.com. This figure will definitely sell out on Thursday, so if you want one of these awesome Wood Donkey Dunnys don’t dilly dally!
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