Friday, August 7, 2009

Lollapalooza 2009 Is Officially Rocking

As we speak, the 2009 Lollapalooza Music Festival has begun. I felt a little amiss since I hadn’t mentioned it once this summer even though it is hands down my favorite music festival of them all. I was a little down on Lolla this year because I absolutely hated it’s line-up, but thought I’d show it a little love since both of my step-brothers will be attending this year. If the headliners were a tad better I might have considered meeting up with them, but Depeche Mode, Tool, Jane’s Addiction and the Beastie Boys just don’t do it for me like they would have in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

The 2009 Lollapalooza Music Festival Line-Up Poster
With that being said, I do love me some Killers and Kings of Leon, so a weekend spent at Chicago’s Grant Park wouldn’t have been all bad. And as always, Lollapalooza just stacked the middle and bottom of its line-up with incredible talent. Just take a look at the 2009 Lollapalooza Line-Up poster above and you’ll notice a ton of great artists, including Ben Harper, Snoop Dogg, TV on the Radio, Andrew Bird, Vampire Weekend, Cold War Kids and too many other great bands to mention all of them here.

I have no doubt this year’s festival will be a blast, but alas it’ll have to go on without The Blot. Besides, I’ve gotta save up all my energy for this year’s ACL Music Festival in October.

Lollapalooza takes place this weekend, August 7-9th, at Grant Park in Chicago, IL.
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