Monday, August 31, 2009

Mighty Muggs vs. Mez-Itz vs. Mallow

The Blot has no idea if a post like this has already been done online or not, but I thought it would be helpful to both comic book fans and designer toy collectors. Since more and more toy companies are jumping into the comic book themed designer vinyl toy market, I wanted to compare the three main toy lines currently being produced: Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs, Mezco ToyzMez-Itz and Shocker Toys’ Mallows, especially since Hasbro has decided to cut back on its production of Mighty Muggs.

Mighty Muggs vs. Mez-Itz vs. Mallow Vinyl Figures Front View
I figured this would be especially helpful to collectors who have never seen the Mez-Itz or Mallow figures in person, since both lines are currently for sale exclusively online (Hellboy Mez-Itz will go on sale at Toys R Us at some point). Because you can’t just go to a retail location to see what these new figures look like, I’ve taken a few pics of my SDCC exclusive Hellboy Mez-Itz and my SDCC exclusive SDCC Logo Mallow next to a Boba Fett Mighty Mugg for comparison. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of the size and look of these two new platforms.

Hellboy Mez-Itz vs. Boba Fett Mighty Muggs Vinyl Figures Side View
I really had no idea what to expect when I first heard about these two new platforms, but I have been really happy with both of my purchases. If I had to choose, I would say Mez-Itz is the heir apparent to the reasonably priced, mass produced super hero themed Mighty Muggs vinyl figure toy line. While the figure’s body and arms are considerably smaller than those of Mighty Muggs, they are the same height and have the same feel as Hasbro’s figures. But, Mez-Itz figures have more articulation than Mighty Muggs and have a much more detailed paint job and sculpt. Keep in mind, Mezco will probably never have the types of licensing deals Hasbro has, so it’s really a tossup between which toy line is better.

Hellboy Mez-Itz vs. Boba Fett Mighty Muggs Vinyl Figures Front View
As for Mallows, they may have an edge on the Mez-Itz platform when it comes to customizing because of its larger head and wider body. If you’re used to working with Mighty Muggs, Mallow’s larger head and torso will make for an easy transition. The only drawback is that because of its highly articulated arms and legs, you lose a lot of good surface area to paint details on the figure’s extremities. Mallows are also an inch shorter than Mighty Muggs and Mez-itz figures, and also feel a lot lighter. They appear to be made from a lighter grade of plastic, and that gives off a more fragile feel. But that could just be from the figure's highly articulated design. Overall, Mallows do look and feel like much smaller figures compared to Mighty Muggs and Mez-Itz figures.

Mighty Muggs vs. Mez-Itz vs. Mallow Vinyl Figures Back View
I will always have a special place in my heart for Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs, but I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the line’s ultimate demise. If that ever does happen, I think both Mez-Itz and Mallows are great toy lines for both collectors and customizers. I do think the Mez-Itz figures have more to offer though, and from a purely collector’s point of view, I love all of the killer accessories Mez-Itz figures come with. If you have any questions or want additional pictures, please let The Blot know!
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