Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Threadless - 2 New Super Mario Bros. Themed T-Shirts

Video game themed t-shirts (and more specifically Nintendo themed tees) must sell really well for Threadless, because the t-shirt company has been coming out with new ones on a pretty regular basis. First up is “Nutritious Breakfast,” which as you can see in the photo below extols the virtues of eating a healthy breakfast consisting of Mario’s favorite treat, an 8 bit Power-Up Mushroom.

Nutritious Breakfast” T-Shirt by Chow Hon Lam

Threadless - Nutritious Breakfast Super Mario Bros. Themed T-Shirt by Chow Hon Lam
The second Threadless Super Mario Bros. inspired t-shirt to be produced this summer is “Road Rage,” which depicts what would happen if cars in the real world were equipped with the types of items and “weapons” used in Mario Kart. I guess those red turtle shells are as effective on highways as they are on Rainbow Road.

Road Rage” T-Shirt by Brock Davis

Threadless - Road Rage Super Mario Kart Themed T-Shirt by Brock Davis
Both shirts are currently on sale at Threadless.com for $15 (regular price is $18), and if you make a purchase between now and August 13, 2009 at 10 am CDT you can use the Coupon Code: awesome27945 for an additional $3 off your order!
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