Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Blot’s Recovering From Dunny Overload

The Blot's still recovering from last night's awesome Dunny Series 2009 pre-release party at Domy Books here in Houston, Texas, so The Blot Says... will be a little light in the posts department today.

Kidrobot Dunny Series 2009 Pre-Release Party at Domy Books in Houston and Austin, TX Ad
I got some awesome figures last night, but am still looking for a Pon and Huck Gee! Arghhh. I hope everyone else found/finds the figure's they're looking for this week. The designs in this series look even better in person than they do in pictures, so I highly recommend picking up a few blind boxes. And the two Travis Cain Wood Dunnys I saw look incredible! The highlight of the night was finding out there's a chase Wooden Dunny that has a hinge in its head so it can be opened and shut! How cool is that. I only wish I had gotten a picture of it.
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