Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Argonaut Resins x Gold Coin Stick Up Resin Figure

The Blot’s favorite resin toy makers, Argonaut Resins, is teaming up with Gold Coin’s Ray “Three” Robinson III to release the world’s first moveable resin figure entitled Stick Up. Stick Up is 8 inches tall, features four bendable limbs and comes with a money bag accessory. I can’t wait to see what colorways Argonaut Resins comes up with for Stick Up, but I have a feeling the figure’s going to look awesome in any color/shade.

Argonaut Resins x Gold Coin Stick Up Resin Figure by Three a.k.a. Ray Robinson III
What I love most of all about Stick Up is the way Argonaut Resins has brought Three’s unique art style to life in a three dimensional figure. Not all designs are able to transfer from paper to resin/vinyl form successfully, but when they do it’s the perfect mash-up of art and toy. No word yet from Argonaut Resins on Stick Up’s price, release date or colorways, but we’ll hopefully know more soon!
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