Friday, February 12, 2010

Star Trek Spock 100%, 400% & 1000% Be@rbricks by Medicom

It looks like Medicom is embracing its inner Vulcan! After releasing a 100% Spock Be@rbrick as a part of its Be@rbrick 19 blind box series in honor of last summer’s blockbuster movie Star Trek, Medicom is now planning to release a 400% and 1000% Spock Be@rbrick! Medicom releases very few characters/designs in all three Be@rbrick sizes, so you know the Japanese toy company realizes the popularity of the Enterprise’s science officer.

Medicom x Star Trek Spock 400% & 1000% Be@rbricks
The Spock 400% and 1000% Be@rbricks are currently available for pre-order directly from Medicom (the figure will begin to ship in June 2010), but unfortunately the designer toy company will only ship these awesome looking figures in Japan. The 400% Spock Bearbrick is around 11 inches tall and retails for around $80, while the 1000% Spock Be@rbrick is around 27.50 inches tall and retails for around $325.

If you like the 100%, 400% and 1000% Spock Be@rbricks, then you’ll also want to check out Medicom’s Star Trek 100% Be@rbrick set featuring James T. Kirk and Uhura Be@rbricks here.
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