Friday, February 12, 2010

Half Dead 8 Inch BIC Buddy by Marka27

Next week, BIC Plastics will be unveiling its first ever 8″ Bic Buddy production design, “Half Dead Buddy” by Marka27. Marka27 has been teasing this figure for a while now, and it’s definitely lived up to the hype! I love the tattoos on the figure’s chest, and the skeleton bones look awesome. Plus, Half Dead comes with a cape, and what’s cooler than that!?!

BIC Plastics - Half Dead 8 Inch Buddy by Marka27
This half-dead Mexican Luchador will be on display at the Bic Plastics Booth (No. 2866) at New York Toy Fair 2010 next week February 14-17, 2010 (Sun–Wed) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and will be released at the upcoming Buddy Custom Shows in Los Angeles (March 27th) and New York (April 9th). The 8 inch Half Dead BIC Buddy by Marka27 are limited to just 150 pieces and will retail for $60 each.
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